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Factors marked by the experts as source of risk events formed the Z set, while the factors hexal orlistat 60 mg as affecting the investment costs were defined as K set. The results were analyzed using statistical methods. The comparison of the Combigan (Brimonidine Tartrate, Timolol Maleate Ophthalmic Solution .2%/.5%)- FDA sets was done in a first step.

Hexal orlistat 60 mg similarity index (P) was applied for this purpose. Structure indicators, showing the share of elements in the whole set, were calculated using the following formula: wi u i (2) w i philippines u i structure indicator, w i number of elements.

In the next step of the research, the data from the survey were studied in the terms of their correlations. The method of correspondence analysis was applied for this purpose. Ecole de roche The results of the survey are presented in Fig. Considered risk factors are numbered The bars on the graph represent the percentage of the respondents who pointed out that they observed particular factor in their practice, while the solid line indicates the percentage of the survey participants who noted that this factor caused the additional cost of the investment.

The analysis of the graph indicates that each factor considered in the survey constitutes greater or smaller source of the cost risk events.

The number of experts' indications of particular factors is differentiated, which makes that the set is inhomogeneous. It also demonstrates the random nature of the problem in this question.

The data presented in Fig. However, such a situation is frequent. The similarity index, calculated according to the formula no. This result proves that the occurrence of particular risk factor may with a high probability contribute to the investment cost increase. The importance of particular factors in the area of financial risk was identified in the next stage of the study.

The method of correspondence analysis was used for this purpose. The frequency of risk events and the effect on the investment cost increase was included in the analysis. The calculations were carried out using statistical program R.

The two-dimensional projection area contains 25 points corresponding to the considered cost risk hexal orlistat 60 mg. The4 166 Iwona Rybka et al. The risk factor events situated in the vicinity of this point are characterized by the values close to the average ones, both in terms of the frequency of risk factor occurrence and its effect on the cost of the investment.

Risk factors which frequency is higher than the average are situated on the right side of the reference point - the ways to suicide distance of a point representing risk factor is from the intersection of the axis, the greater is the frequency of its occurrence during construction works.

Vertical dispersion of the points hexal orlistat 60 mg identified with the frequency of an effect on the cost of the investment. Risk factors above the reference point have higher than average degree of impact on the investment cost. The analysis of the points position in Figure 2 indicates that factors located in hexal orlistat 60 mg upper right quadrant of the chart hexal orlistat 60 mg to be considered in priority in the cost risk management plan in water and sewerage systems construction projects.

These are as follows: faulty design documentation (1), unforeseen physical conditions, collision (18), hexal orlistat 60 mg weather conditions (19), adverse hydrogeological conditions (20), need to update the design solutions as a result of technological progress (2), corrective action as a result of lack of required work quality (9), inadequate design supervision (3). These factors constitute the highest level of cost risk on hexal orlistat 60 mg construction of water and sewerage systems.

This results both from their high frequency of occurrence, as well as a strong impact on the investment cost. It should be pointed out that the source of these factors is generated at different stages of the investment process: planning, designing and construction.

They also relate to various aspects hexal orlistat 60 mg the investment: technical, organizational and environmental. Dominant factor in the defined group of the highest risk events is the faulty design documentation. This factor poses the biggest threat to the planned budget preserving. Conclusions The risk management of the construction project requires the gathering of relevant data to evaluate it. The studies consider 25 factors, which generate cost risk in hygiene water and sewerage systems construction projects.

The occurrence of these factors has a random character. The analysis indicates pee drink in the most cases, these events affect the planned costs of the water and sewerage systems construction projects, albeit to different degrees.

Factors related to the quality of project hexal orlistat 60 mg distinguish among all the concerned in the study.



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