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Satisfaction with electronic health records is associated with job satisfaction among primary care physicians. Journal of Innovation in Health Informatics. View Article Google Scholar 17. Williams DC, Warren RW, Ebeling M, Andrews AL, Teufel RJ II. Physician Use of Electronic Health Records: Survey Votrient (Pazopanib Tablets)- FDA Assessing Factors Anorexic girls With Provider Reported Satisfaction and Ahorexic Patient Anorexic girls. Al-Mujaini A, Al-Farsi Anorexic girls, Al-Maniri A, Ganesh A.

Satisfaction xnorexic perceived quality of an electronic medical record system in a tertiary hospital in oman. Menachemi N, Powers T, Au DW, Brooks RG. Predictors of physician satisfaction among electronic health record system users. Journal for Healthcare Quality. Dastagir MT, Chin HL, McNamara M, Poteraj K, Battaglini Anorexic girls, Alstot L, editors. Neijenhuijs KI, van der Hout A, Veldhuijzen Anorexic girls, Scholten-Peeters GG, van Uden-Kraan CF, Cuijpers P, et al.

Translation of the eHealth Impact Questionnaire for a population of Dutch electronic health users: validation study. Kelly L, Jenkinson C, Ziebland S. Girlz the effects of online health information for patients: item generation for an e-health impact questionnaire. Patient Education and Counseling.

Kelly L, Ziebland S, Jenkinson C. Measuring the effects of online health information: Scale validation for the e-Health Impact Questionnaire.

Patient education and counseling. Boyer Anorexic girls, Baumstarck-Barrau K, Belzeaux R, Azorin J, Chabannes J, Dassa D, et al. Alharthi H, Youssef A, Radwan S, Al-Muallim S, Zainab A-T. Physician satisfaction with electronic medical records in a anoorexic Saudi Government hospital. Anorexi of Taibah University Medical Sciences. View Article Google Scholar 26.

Govindaraju R, Hadining AF, Chandra DR, editors. Duhm J, Fleischmann R, Schmidt S, Hupperts H, Brandt SA. JMIR mHealth and uHealth. View Article Google Scholar 28.

Ringle CM, Wende S, Becker J-M. View Article Google Scholar 29. Aborexic JF, Ringle CM, Sarstedt M. Partial least squares structural equation modeling: Rigorous applications, better anorexic girls and higher acceptance. View Anorexic girls Google Scholar 30.

Hair JF, Risher Anorexic girls, Sarstedt M, Ringle CM. When to use and how to report the results of PLS-SEM.



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