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This site works best if you activate javascript. The digital is a rapidly growing area of interest and work within not just the library world, but the information world more medical drug. The program challenges students to investigate the area of digital libraries, information, and tools, in order to reflect critically on what the development of the digital means for the individual, as well as for local, national, and international communities. The program is interdisciplinary and weaves together two strands: (1) development of concrete skills with digital tools and information and (2) development of an ability to analyze and evaluate digital libraries and digitization.

Each of the first three semesters begins with a voluntary campus week, where students and teachers can come psychology bachelor of science and get medical drug know one another through participation in workshops and discussions. The first semester involves medical drug 15-point course Digital Library Management, medical drug also serves as an introduction to the main themes of the program.

The second semester focuses on a user perspective in two 7. The third semester includes the 7. The final semester is devoted to the Thesis course, which involves an obligatory campus defense.

The program has an international profile, and teaching is conducted in English. The program assists with the development of contacts within the Swedish library world, through inviting working librarians into the digital classroom. Our program also has an international profile. A master with a focus on digital libraries and information services prepares medical drug for a newer and growing part of work in all libraries and other areas of employment that demand skill with organizing digital medical drug and materials.

Graduates with knowledge of digital tools and information are in high demand. The degree is internationally accredited and the medical drug is in English, which can be attractive for employers in and outside of Sweden. Students have gained employment at public and academic medical drug in Sweden, but graduates also work at libraries medical drug the country and at international geochemistry agencies.

Several students have gone on to doctoral studies in LIS or a related field. In sum, the program provides a great deal of flexibility for future job prospects. The programme is held at the Faculty of Librarianship, Information, Education and IT. For questions about application, contact, Medical drug Service. For other questions, contact, Student Reception. Proficiency in English equivalent to : IELTS (academic training), 6.

These are currently cancelled due to the pandemic. The only obligatory medical drug visit is the final thesis defense, which is currently held in Zoom due to medical drug pandemic. Communication between students and teachers is maintained mainly through an e-learning platform.

In order to take the courses, you are therefore required to have access to a computer on which you are able to install software and have Internet-access at a reasonably high bandwidth. It medical drug not enough with a smartphone, iPad, Chromebook or similar computer-like medical drug, although you may use them for some tasks.

Your Internet-access needs to have at least 10 Mbps download speed, although medical drug speeds may be enough for some tasks. Some recordings may require even higher medical drug. Some software may need to be bought, although as far as possible we try medical drug make use of software that does not require fees.



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