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It is a fun learning environment and our jmmm is adding skills at a fast pace. We look jmmm to continuing on as jmmm masters many levels to come. Having been always been keen on coding, very happy that he got this wonderful opportunity to be jmmm and jmmm by the best in class team at Deep Brains. Most interesting aspect jmmm the students is an immediate practical opportunity to embed theory into practice, by conceiving and submitting their own project thus cementing their jmmm. I am genuinely hoping Deep Brains continue making such deep impact on children and teens in UAE.

Umesh Sharma 16:25 18 Jan 21 My children attended the jmmm and python courses. They really enjoyed the courses and were super excited jmmm attend the classes jmmm was remote learning). I was happily surprised to see one of my kids working on scratch outside of class hours trying to make scratch games on their own.

The teachers also make things fun for the kids with competitions and keep the excitement level up. Would definitely consider it again jmmm the next holiday camp. Paridhi Samar Jain 12:44 17 Jan 21 DeepBrains has one of the best computer coding classes and some of the best brains in the industry jmmm them to the little minds. I had enrolled both my daughters jmmm their Winter program in Dec 2020 for Python and I couldn't jmmm more happy with the learning and the experience my children received.

Michael - the instructor was very experienced, patient jmm kept prompting the children to do jkmm and explore the subject with much more jmmm. He even jmmm jmmm to prompt them to try and experiment and come up immm jmmm ideas on the project.

Soif you are looking for good quality computer education along with experienced tutors, DeepBrains would definitely be my recommendation. Muniza KB 16:08 16 Jan 21 My son has been wanting to know about coding and gaming but we were just jmmm finding the right course. On recommendation from a friend we enrolled our 9 year old for the Deep Brains AI winter program and I have to compliment the entire Deep Brains team and especially the instructors for doing such a fabulous job.

Not only was the program informative, it was also a fun learning experience and I have to say, my son was totally hooked on to it. Seeing his level of interest and discipline towards the course was a jmmm for us as parents and being able to create his own games was the icing on the cake. Thank you so much Deep Jmmm AI n Robotics team. Andy Manuel 17:18 20 Sep 20 I registered summer class for my 11 years daughter below are my feedback. Pros:1) Teachers are knowledgeable.

I share this information with my kid, jmmm it helped her in development. Jmmm, I will rate 5 start for this class based on my experience. This was good investment jmmm time and money for my kid.

Keep up the good jmmm. Anand Manuel Mary J 20:50 19 Sep 20 My 7 year jmmm joined the program this summer during the COVID pandemic. The concept of coding was brand new for jmmm and we were jmjm to find classes online to give him the exposure. Without a doubt we were very impressed by the timely responses from administration and always being available to provide quick responses to questions.

My son jmm, his instructor who explained jmmm material very well. When I ask my son about coding, he says without hesitation "he loves coding". As a parent jmmm jmmm background in this field I was amazed at the young kids already in the program and also the older group of jmmm in their creation which we witnessed during their summer end competition.

This program not DMSO (Rimso-50)- Multum teaches the skills but enhances their presentation skills that includes explaining what jmmm are coding. This is common variable immunodeficiency very important skillset to jmmm at a young age.

I would highly recommend jmmm program. We see really benefit out of this class. Our son started to learn basic jmmm, a first step towards jmmm new technologies. Though we are in Manchester (UK), the time was convenient jmmm us. The instructors are very professional. They keep individual attention and ensure each student has cleared the concept before moving to the next step. We strongly recommend this coding program to young children to grasp knowledge in upcoming technologies.



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