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Examination of Ana Articles about ecology Barros Cardoso, University of Coimbra, 30 of September 2003. Examination of Eduardo M. Ferreira, University of Coimbra, 10 of March 2006.

Examination of Andrea Florella Ribeiro Franco, New University of Lisbon, July 2006. Examination of Manuel Alberto Nogueira Henriques Rosa, University roche 800 Aveiro, 20 of September 2006.

Examination of Rute Pinto, University of Coimbra, April 2007. The Mondego estuary case study. Examination of Thiago Couto, University of Coimbra, July 2009.

Examination of Ana Eduarda Saraiva Pereira Campos, University of Coimbra, September 2010. Examination of Articles about ecology Vilhena Barroso Articles about ecology of Coimbra, September 2010. Examination of Alexandra Maria Martins Guerra, University of Coimbra, September 2010.

Examination of Ana Isabel Del Arco Ochoa, University of Coimbra, September 2010. Title: Ecological state of selected urban streams in Coimbra, Portugal. Title: Payments for environmental services as a policy for conserving the Portuguese Montado ecosystem. Title: The rocky shore macrozoobenthic communities of Buarcos Bay.

Title: Population dynamics and productivity of Echinogammarus marinus (Leach) in the Mondego estuary throughout three decades. Examination of Ana Vanessa Pinto Modesto, University of Coimbra, September 2011. Examination of Pieter van der Linden, University of Coimbra, September 2011. Examination of Ahmed M. Abdel-Moneim, University of Coimbra, September 2011. Title: A short-term sublethal feeding articles about ecology assay, using zebra fish Danio rerio.

Examination of Franca Sangiorgio, University of Aveiro, December 2011. Title: Mediterranean and Black Sea macrofauna: Comparing sampling strategies. Title: A cost-effective tool-box to saw palmetto extract ecological receptors at most risk in a potentially pesticide contaminated south European big man-made reservoir.

Sc Examination of Fredrik Duvholt Haug, University of September, 17 of September 2012. Title: Intertidal meiofauna communities along the south arm of Mondego estuary: Spatial and temporal variability in relation to environmental parameters. Sc Examination of Joana Carolina Raposo de Brito, 15 of July 2016. Title: A spatially oriented ecosystem-based model to evaluate ecosystem impacts of fisheries. D Examination articles about ecology Dr.

Antonio Jimeno Fernandez, 16 of November, 1993, University of Barcelona (Spain). Mercedes Conradi Barrena, 28 of June, 1995, University of Cadiz (Spain).



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