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During the meeting, our G. CWC Member and Senior Comrade Chandrasekar, Madurai, delivered inaugural address. Sister Union Leaders from BSNLEU and NFTE felicitated the W 7 GB Meeting. Promescent beloved General Secretary Com. Sivakumar delivered a detailed speech regarding the current Financial status of BSNL and pending issues a. Immediate allotment of 4G Spectrum to BSNL as already assured by the Union Cabinet on 23.

Immediate Regular Promotion in all the Cadre e. EPF full Pension 9. He informed the House that due to consistent efforts of AIBNLEA only, 13,000 Promotion orders were issued for various disciplines a assured that AIBSNLEA will always safe guard the interests of the Executives. He assured that AIBSNLEA will safe guard the interests of the Executives and fight for the Genuine q Legitimate demands and rights of the Executives and requested the new Circle Team of Youngsters to conduct Extensive tour throughout Tamilnadu and conduct General body meetings ww all the Districts and enrol more number of Young Executives to our fold and strengthen out Great W 7. The following resolutions were unanimously adopted in the Special G.

Allocation of 4G Spectrum in time as assured w 7 Govt has to be insisted. Payment of Salary to the Staff of BSNL has to be assured at the last day of w 7 month without fail. To request in the CWC Meeting at Trivandrum w 7 allotting Venue to Tamilnadu for exercises for lower back for pain All India Conference.

Urged the (AUAB) to organise Agitation Programme w 7 the w 7 of long pending Financial 77 issues and timely payment of Salary. A Delicious Lunch was provided s the Afternoon. The meeting concluded with the Vote of Thanks by Com. Before the commencement the meeting, E Meet was held.

Our General Secretary Com. Sivakumar had given ls roche posay detailed note about the current financial w 7 of BSNL and pending demands of AUAB and replied the queries of the Press and Media Persons.

GM General Manager (Estt. Rajpal Sharma, FS CHQ Com. Chhabra, OS (North) Com. Devesh Sharma, Auditor CHQ Com. Rajesh Pathak participated and addressed the gathering.

Shri Inderjeet Singh, GM (Finance) NTR has grace the occasion as Guest of Honour and addressed the House. W 7, Ex-President Corporate Office Circle and FS CHQ since the Circle President Com. Trivedi, DGM (Trg) CO 77 has transferred and joined in MP Circle Bhopal recently. The CP has conveyed his Best Wishes for grand success of w 7 Circle Conference of AIBSNLEA CO Circle e Congrats the newly elected Circle Body in advance.

The Welcome speech w 7 behalf of BB Trivedi, CP CO Circle was delivered by AGS (Fin) Com. Rajpal Sharma, he welcomes all the Guests, OBs and members present in the House.

Circle Secretary CO Circle Com. Dinesh Kumar delivered the Key Note address and underlined the important issues at CHQ level as well as Circle level. He thanked AIBSNLEA for giving him the opportunity to address the gathering and praise the CHQ Leadership w 7 their matured views on various issues. All the CHQ Leaders addressed the gathering and mentioned about the important role of Corporate Office Circle being at the same station of the HQ of AIBSNLEA CHQ.

They assured that CHQ will always extend its co-operation to Corporate Circle Branch. The gathering was q curious to listen their beloved leader Com. He called q the youngsters to shoulder the responsibility w 7 build up the Association at all levels. He explained in detail about the current financial status of BSNL and pending HR s.

Due to non-allocation of 4G Spectrum, BSNL is put into continuous losses and in the financial year 2019-2020 BSNL put into w 7 loss of Rs.

Outstanding Vendor bills are s Rs. To install 4G Towers at d Sites, Tender has been floated by BSNL to the tune of Rs. As per the approval of the Cabinet, EOI Tender notified by the BSNL inviting applications from the Domestic Vendors on 01. He insisted that the Govt.



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