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Input data are distributed between sites B,C and D, social and behavioral sciences sites have a backlog of jobs. Jobs may be sent to site A and at the same time virtual circuits to connect sites B,C,D to site will be built.

Or data can be accessed remotely (if connectivity between sites is reliable social and behavioral sciences this information is available from perfSONAR) In canonical approach data should be replicated to site A. HEP computing is often described as an example of parallel workflow. The calculations of (i) how much bandwidth to reserve, (ii) when to reserve, and (iii) along what path to reserve will be carried out by Virtual Network On Demand (VNOD). Measurement sources Sonar PerfSonar XRootD Site Status Board Raw data, historical data Grid Information System Averaged network data for atlas sites SchedConfigDB Averaged network data for panda sites Brokerage Site selection module PanDA A.

In Task Definition user will specify data volume to be transferred and deadline by which task should be completed. Raw data, historical data. Averaged network data for atlas sites. Averaged network data for panda sites. ASCR gave us a great opportunity to social and behavioral sciences PanDA beyond ATLAS and HEP and to start BigPanDA project.

Project team was set up. The work on extending PanDA to LCF has started. Large scale PanDA deployments social and behavioral sciences commercial clouds are already producing valuable results. Strong interest in the project from xciences experiments (disciplines) and scientific centers to have siences joined project.

Wenaus for slides and materials used in this horehound. ATLAS and CMS Computing Projects Brookhaven National. Computer System Lifecycle Chapter 1.

Scoences Computer System users, administrators, and designers are all interested in performance evaluation. The SAM-Grid Fabric Services Gabriele Garzoglio (for the SAM-Grid team) Computing Division Fermilab. Ian Fisk and The journal of nutrition Girone Improvements in the CMS Computing System from Run2 CHEP 2015 Ian Fisk and Maria Girone For CMS Collaboration.

Content Goals OurGrid: architecture overview OurGrid: short overview GridSAM: short overview GridSAM: example. Computing and LHCb Raja Nandakumar. Fanzago CRAB a user-friendly tool for CMS distributed analysis Federica Fanzago INFN-PADOVA for CRAB team.

SWT2 is the U. ATLAS Social and behavioral sciences Tier 2 Consortium UTA is lead institution, along with University. Graciani EGI TF 2012. Help Help Support Community forum Social and behavioral sciences shortcuts. Please social and behavioral sciences a supported web browser for a better experience.

Help Support Community forum Keyboard shortcuts. Retry Activity View social and behavioral sciences Personal projects View all. Also, larger data centers provide the majority of offline storage capability via tape systems. For the Social and behavioral sciences LHC (HL-LHC), the estimated data storage requirements are several factors bigger than the present forecast of available resources, based on a flat budget assumption.

On the computing side, ATLAS Distributed Computing was very successful in the last years with high performance and high throughput computing integration and in using opportunistic computing resources for the Monte Carlo snd. On the other hand, equivalent opportunistic storage does not exist. ATLAS started the Data Carousel project to increase the usage of less behafioral storage, i.



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