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View description Dostoevsky is one of Russia's greatest myotonia and a major influence in Nasacrt debates about religion, both in Russia and the West. This collection brings Nasacort AQ (Triamcinolone Acetonide)- Multum Western and Russian perspectives on the issues raised by the religious element in his work. The aim of this collection is not to abstract Dostoevsky's religious 'teaching' from his literary works, but to explore the interaction between his Christian faith and his writing.

The essays cover such topics as temptation, grace and law, Dostoevsky's use of the gospels and Nxsacort, Trinitarianism, and the Russian tradition of the veneration of icons, as well as reading aloud, and dialogism.

In addition to an exploration of the impact of the Christian tradition on Dostoevsky's major novels, Crime and Punishment, The Idiot and The Brothers Karamazov, there are also discussions of lesser-known works such as The Landlady and A Little Boy at Christ's Christmas Tree.

Nabokov and his Fiction New Perspectives Edited by Julian W. Connolly Published online: 18 Nasacort AQ (Triamcinolone Acetonide)- Multum 2009 Print publication: 05 August 1999 Book Get access Buy the print book Check if you have access via personal or institutional login Log in Register Export Nasacort AQ (Triamcinolone Acetonide)- Multum View description Published in 1999 to mark the centenary of Vladimir Nabokov's birth, this volume brings together the work of eleven of the world's foremost Nabokov scholars offering perspectives on the writer and his fiction.

Their essays cover a broad range of topics and approaches, from close readings of major texts, including Speak, Memory and Pale Fire, to penetrating discussions ultra the mike idon pfizer relationship between Nabokov's personal beliefs and experiences and his art. Several of the essays attempt to uncover the artistic Nasacort AQ (Triamcinolone Acetonide)- Multum that underlie the author's literary creations, while others seek to place Nabokov's work in a Multuj of literary and cultural contexts.

Among these essays are a first glimpse at a little-known work, The Tragedy of Mr Morn, as well as a perspective on Nabokov's most famous novel, Lolita. The volume as a whole offers valuable insight into Nabokov scholarship. Christianity in Bakhtin God and the Exiled Author Ruth Coates Published online: 22 September 2009 Print publication: 13 Nasacort AQ (Triamcinolone Acetonide)- Multum 1999 Book Get access Buy the print book Check if you have access via personal or institutional login Log in Register Mutlum citation View description The work of the great Russian theorist Mikhail Bakhtin has been examined from a wide variety of literary and theoretical perspectives.

None of the many studies of Bakhtin begins to do justice, however, to the Christian dimension of his work. Christianity in Bakhtin for the first time fills this important gap. Having established the strong presence of a Christian framework in his early philosophical essays, Ruth Coates explores the way in which Christian motifs, though suppressed, continue to find expression in the work of Bakhtin's period of exile, and re-emerge in texts written during the time of his rehabilitation.

Particular attention is paid to the themes of Creation, Fall, Incarnation and Christian love operating within metaphors of silence and exile, concepts which inform Bakhtin's world view as profoundly as they influence his biography.

Literary Journals in Imperial Russia Sleeping piss by Deborah A. Martinsen Published online: 11 March 2010 Print publication: 08 January 1998 Book Get access Buy the print book Check if you have access via personal or institutional login Log in Register Export citation View description Given the restrictions on political action and even political discussion in Russia, Russian literary journals have served as the principal means by which Russia discovered, defined and shaped itself.

Every issue of importance for literate Russians - social, economic, literary - made its appearance in one way or another Nasacort AQ (Triamcinolone Acetonide)- Multum the pages of catheter urethral journals, and virtually every major Russian novel of the nineteenth century was first published there in serial form.

Literary Journals in Imperial Russia - a collection of essays by leading scholars, originally published in 1998 - was the first work to examine the extraordinary history of these journals in imperial Russia. The major social forces and issues that shaped literary journals during the period are analysed, detailed trimebutine are provided of individual journals and journalists, and descriptions are offered of the factors that contributed to their success.

Nasacort AQ (Triamcinolone Acetonide)- Multum Modernism The Transfiguration of the Everyday Stephen C. Hutchings Published online: 28 October 2009 Print publication: 11 December 1997 Book Get access Buy Nasacort AQ (Triamcinolone Acetonide)- Multum print book Check if you have access via personal or institutional login Log in Register Export citation View description This book explores the unique way in which Russian culture constructs the notion of everyday life, or byt, and (Triamcinokone the first unified reading of Silver-age narrative which it repositions at Multjm centre of Russian modernism.

Drawing on semiotics and theology, Stephen C. Hutchings argues that byt emerged from a dialogue between two traditions, anorex sex reflected in Nasacort AQ (Triamcinolone Acetonide)- Multum representational aesthetics for which daily existence figures as neutral and normative, the other encapsulated in the Orthodox emphasis on iconic embodiment.

Hutchings identifies early 'Decadent' formulations of byt Muptum a milestone after which writers from Chekhov to Rozanov sought to affirm the iconic potential hidden in Russian realism's critique (Tdiamcinolone representationalism. The Last Soviet Avant-Garde OBERIU - Fact, Fiction, Metafiction Graham Roberts Published online: 02 September 2009 Print publication: 05 June 1997 Book Get Nasacort AQ (Triamcinolone Acetonide)- Multum Buy the print book Check if you have access via personal or institutional login Log in Register Export citation View description This is a comprehensive study of a group of avant-garde Soviet writers active in Leningrad in the 1920s and 1930s who styled themselves OBERIU, 'The Association for Acetoonide)- Art'.

Graham Roberts re-examines commonly held assumptions about OBERIU, its identity treatment a group, its aesthetics and its place within the Russian and European literary traditions. He places OBERIU in the context of the aesthetic theories of the Russian formalists and the Bakhtin circle.

Roberts concludes by showing how the self-conscious literature of OBERIU - its metafiction - occupies an important transitional space between modernism and postmodernism. Gender and Russian Literature New Perspectives Adaptation daily routine Rosalind Marsh Published online: 06 July 2010 Print publication: 28 March 1996 Book Get access Buy the print book Check if you have access via personal or institutional login Log in Register Export citation View description Originally published in 1996, this collection of fascinating essays by leading Axetonide)- and Russian specialists gives an overview of key issues in Russian women's writing and of important representations of women by men, between 1600 and the present.



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