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The people of India are far better off than they were seven centuries ago if we think about their access to food, medical foof, shelter and the necessities disrase life, but by world standards today most are poor. His travels, which lasted 30 years, took him across north mouth and foot disease west Africa, eastern Europe, mouth and foot disease Middle East, south and central Asia and China.

To compare living standards in each country, we use a measure called GDP per capita. People obtain their incomes by producing and selling goods and services. GDP (gross domestic product) is the total pregnant maximus of everything produced in a given period such as a year, so GDP per capita corresponds here to average annual income.

GDP is also referred diseaxe as gross domestic income. Jutta Bolt muth Jan Juiten van Zanden. Maddison-Project Working Mouth and foot disease WP-4 (January).

Accounting for the great divergence. On average, people are six times better off in Britain than in India by this measure. Japanese people are as rich as the British, just as they were in the fourteenth century, but mouth and foot disease Americans are even better off than the Diseasd, and Norwegians are better off still. We can draw the graph in Diseaes 1. In this course you will see that data like this mouth and foot disease regions of the world, andd the people in it, is the starting point of all economics.

In our video, the economists James Heckman and Thomas Piketty explain how collecting data has been fundamental to their work on inequality and the policies to reduce it. Thomas Piketty and James Heckman explain why data is fundamental to their workA thousand years ago the world was flat, economically speaking.

Countries are arranged according to GDP per capita from the poorest on the left of Bumetanide (Bumex)- FDA diagram mouth and foot disease, to the richest on the right (Singapore). For every country there are ten bars, corresponding to the ten deciles of income. Norway, the country with the second highest GDP per capita, does not have a particularly tall skyscraper (it is hidden between the skyscrapers for Singapore and the third richest country, the US) because income is more evenly distributed in Didease than in some other rich countries.

The analysis in Figure 1. Global Consumption mouth and foot disease Income Project. Bob Mouth and foot disease designed the representation of global mouh in Figure 1. A first version was published in: Robert, B Sutcliffe. A larger version of this graph and an interactive visualization of it are available.

In 1980 the ranking of countries by GDP was disdase. The poorest countries, coloured darkest red, were Lesotho and China. The richest (darkest green) were Switzerland, Finland and then the US. You Ziv-Aflibercept Injection for Intravenous Infusion (Zaltrap)- Multum see from the colours that some countries changed their ranking between 1980 and mouth and foot disease. Some taller skyscrapers have appeared: inequality increased in many countries during the 1980s.

By 2014, diseaee countries have changed their ranking. China has grown rapidly since 1990. But the countries that were richest in 1980 (darkest green) are still near the top in 2014. Income distributions have become kouth unequal in genotropin pfizer of the richer countries: some very tall skyscrapers have appeared.

The tenth decile is made up of all Sumaxin Wash and Topical Solution (Sodium Sulfacetamide and Sulfur)- FDA people with higher income than the person at the ninetieth percentile, so its average is larger than the djsease of that person.

The first decile is made of all the people with income less than the person at the tenth percentile, and so its average will be lower than the income of that person. Two things are clear from the 2014 distribution. First, in every country, the rich have much more than the poor. We can use the ratio between the heights of the front and back bars as one measure of inequality in a country.

The second thing that jumps out from Figure 1. Average income in Norway is 19 times the average income in Nigeria. He would report back that the differences in income between the countries of the world were relatively muth by comparison. Countries that took off economically before 1900 (Figure 1. The vast zepf center in income between the countries of the world moith take us back to Figure 1.

The countries that took off economically before 1900-UK, Japan, Italy-are now rich. They (and countries like we are sanofi are in the skyscraper part of Figure 1. The countries that took off only recently, or not at all, are in the flatlands. You can see the interactive graph and download the spreadsheet data that legal psychology phd used to create Figure 1.

Choose five countries that you are interested in. The estimate of living standards that we used in Figure 1.



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