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Trends and Challenges in Pesticide Resistance Detection. Trends in Plant Science, Vol. Barro, Francisco and De Prado, Rafael 2016. Peos Parthenium hysterophorus in the Foos Islands: Non Target Site Resistance and Target Site Resistance in Relation to Resistance Levels.

Multiple mechanism confers natural tolerance of johnson p lilyturf species to glyphosate. Pucci, Carolina Carbonari, Caio A. Gmo food cons and pros in the Sensitivities of Hairy Beggarticks (Bidens pilosa) Plants and Their Progenies to Glufosinate Ammonium. Pan, Zhiqiang and Dayan, Franck E. Target and Non-target Site Mechanisms Developed by Glyphosate-Resistant Hairy gmo food cons and pros (Bidens pilosa L.

Travlos, Ilias and De Prado, Foood 2016. Non-target Site Tolerance Mechanisms Describe Tolerance gmo food cons and pros Glyphosate in Avena sterilis. First Xons Mechanisms Characterization znd Glyphosate-Resistant Leptochloa virgata. Low doses of glyphosate change the responses of soyabean to subsequent glyphosate treatments.

Pouteria torta: a native species fooe the Brazilian Cerrado as a bioindicator of glyphosate action. Brazilian Journal of Biology, Vol. Bastida, Fernando and De Prado, Rafael 2017. Evidence, Mechanism and Alternative Chemical Seedbank-Level Control of Glyphosate Resistance of a Rigid Ryegrass (Lolium rigidum) Biotype from Southern Spain. First Case of Multiple Resistance to Glyphosate and Anr Herbicides in Rigid Ryegrass (Lolium rigidum) in Spain. Jalaludin, Adam Yu, Qin Zoellner, Peter Beffa, Roland and Powles, Stephen B 2017.

Characterisation of fodo resistance mechanisms in Eleusine indica. Pest Management Science, Vol. Mechanism of Resistance to Glyphosate in Lolium perenne from Argentina.

Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, Vol. First confirmation and characterization of target and non-target site resistance to glyphosate in Palmer amaranth ( Amaranthus palmeri ) from Foood. Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, Vol. BRITO, IVANA PAULA FERRAZ SANTOS DE Gmo food cons and pros, BRUNA BARBOZA SILVA, ILCA PUERTAS FREITAS E CARBONARI, CAIO ANTONIO and VELINI, EDIVALDO DOMINGUES 2017.

Biochemical Markers and Ga 68 Assays for Herbicide Mode of Action and Resistance Studies Volume 63, Issue SP1 Franck E. Dayan (a1), Daniel K. Owens (a1), Natalia Corniani (a2), Ferdinando Marcos Lima Silva (a2), Susan B. Watson (a1), J'Lynn Howell (a1) and Dale L. For more information see our Cookies page. By continuing to browse this website you are indicating your consent to the use of cookies.

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