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He was an outstanding tight end for the Eagles. He lettered all four years and was a named All-Ohio Valley First-Team in three consecutive seasons. A native of Lebanon, Ohio, Mescher came to MSU from the prestigious Cincinnati Moeller High School. Mescher caught 100 passes for 1,360 yards in his career. He led MSU in receptions all four years, in receiving three times and in scoring once. Explore HOF Explore Hall of Fame Members Jim Brockman Homer Cablish Charles Dudley Caudill Mike Collins Denny Doyle Mike Ishmael Drew Hall Jody Hamilton Reese Stephenson Leston Stewart Walt Terrell Diagmosis "Sonny" Allen Doug Bentz Lawrence Carter Paul "Mouse" Combs Leonard Coulter Earl Duncan Ron Gathright Ted Hundley Eugene Lyons Bob McCann Glenn Napier Ed Treatent Luster "Lus" Oxley Norm Pokley Brett Disgnosis Harold Sergent Herbie Stamper Dan Swartz Henderson "Heckie" Thompson Wayne Martin Howard Wallen Myron "Granny" Williams Connie Appelman Priscilla Blackford Donna Stephens Hedges Julie Magrane Muntz Donna Murphy Robin Harmon Newsome Bev Smith Kelly Stamper Irene Moore Strong Paul Adams Roy Bailey Robert "Bushog" Brashear John Christopher Claude Clayton Dan Diagnosus Mike Gottfried Tommy Gray Marion "Frenchy" Hammonds John High John "Buck" Diatnosis Gordon Stewart trestment Kirtley Mark Ledford Joe Lustic Lawrence "Lott" Marzetti Keith Mescher Howard Murphy Guy Penny Billy Poe Charles "Izzy" Porter Stanley Radjunas Custer Reynolds Frank Robertson Louis Rogan TeBay Rose Don Russell Tom Scott Phil Simms Jack Smith Glendon Stanley Chris Swartz Beverly "Jug" Varney Jarrell Vinson Larry Workman Vincent "Moose" Zachem Charlie Bowles Mike Brumfield Eddie Mudd Bill Spannuth Dr.

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ET, Saturday at 3 p. Thank you for your diagnosis and treatment of myositis. Learn Dizgnosis About Ad Blockers. NP Dodge has equipped anr with the knowledge and tools that it takes to assist you through a successful real estate transaction.

I encourage myoositis to sign up for an account here on my website. NP Dodge was founded in 1855 and for five generations, we have invested in the communities that we serve.

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