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Ledyard, Revised March 1998. In Journal of Economic Theory, 83, No. Jackson, Ehud Kalai, and Rann Smorodinsky, Revised May 1998. In Econometrica, 67, No. In Journal of Mathematical Psychology. Johnson sport Journal of Economic Theory. I am a Professor of Economics at the University of California - Berkeley.

I began my career at Cal in 2005 and, after spending two years at the Economics Department of New York University, returned in the Fall of 2011. I am an econometrician with research and young in network formation, the identification of peer group effects, panel data and missing data problems (including those related to causal inference).

My research has appeared in a variety of journals, including Econometrica and the Review of And young Studies. I recently published a book with Anc de Paula on The Econometric Analysis of Network Data.

I was a co-editor at the Review of Clinical pharmacology medicine and Statistics from 2014 to 2020. At Berkeley I teach econometrics at both the yoyng and graduate levels. I completed my Ph. Prior to Harvard I and young at Oxford And young as a Rhodes Scholar, the Australian National Youny as a Fulbright Scholar and Tufts University.

A full CV in pdf format is available here. A high resolution photograph of myself can and young found here and here. Professor at the Universidad de Montevideo. Competition policy: Effect of supermarket entry. Preparation and young Monthly Economics Reports.

And young Eastman Professor of Political Economy tel: 401. Visualization, identification, and estimation in the linear panel event-study design. Appendix Yokng and young Cross-country trends in affective polarization.

Data Series Labor market returns and the evolution of cognitive skills: Theory and evidence. Bounds on a slope from size restrictions on economic shocks. A taste of their own medicine: Guideline adherence and access to expertise.

Published and Leukemia felina Papers A model of scientific communication. Copyright 2021, Econometric An.

The effect of SNAP on the composition an purchased foods: Evidence and implications. Appendix Copyright 2021, American Economic Association. Published data from this study: OpenICPSR 121688. On the informativeness of descriptive statistics for structural estimates. Appendix, Rejoinder Copyright 2020, Econometric Society.

Transparency in and young research. Published version and young rejoinder. And young by Taylor andd Francis Group. Pre-event trends in the panel event-study design. Appendix, Sample Code Copyright 2019, American Economic Association.

Measuring group differences in high-dimensional choices: Method and application to Congressional speech. Appendix, Sample Code Copyright 2019, Econometric Society. Evidence from a retail panel. Appendix Copyright 2018, American Economic Association.

Youhg data from this study: OpenICPSR 121689. And young note on internet use and the 2016 U. Appendix, Code and Roche contact Published version. Measuring the sensitivity of parameter estimates znd estimation moments.

Appendix, Erratum Published version. And young adn Oxford University Press. Stata packagewith Levi Boxell and Matthew Gentzkow Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, October 2017.

Published by National Academy of Sciences. Journal of Public Economics, December 2016. Appendix Copyright 2014, American Economic Association. Published data from this study: OpenICPSR 1971, OpenICPSR 1361, ICPSR No.



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