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International publication trends and collaboration performance of China in healthcare science and services research. Israel Journal of Health Policy Very well magazine, 5(1), 1. Inclusive perspectives or in-depth learning.

A longitudinal case study of past debates and future directions in knowledge management for development. The intellectual structure of very well magazine in hospitality management: A literature review using bibliometric methods of the journal International Journal of Hospitality Management.

What is citizen science. PloS One, 11(1), e0147152. Intellectual structure in stem cell research: Exploring Brazilian scientific articles from 2001 to 2010. Scientific production on open access: A worldwide bibliometric analysis in the academic and scientific context. Quantifying the evolution of a scientific topic: very well magazine of the academic community to the Chornobyl disaster.

Aesthetics in the age of digital humanities. How to publish a good journal in plant community ecology. Application of word co-occurrence analysis method in mapping of the scientific fields (case study: the field of Informetrics). Trends in publication on evidence-based antioxidative herbal medicines in management of diabetic nephropathy. Smart specialisation in Malta: A bibliometric look at aquaculture. International Journal of Technology Intelligence and Planning, 11(1), 51-61.

Indicators of cultural ecosystem services for urban planning: A review. Ecological Indicators, 61, explain. Journal portfolio analysis for countries, cities, and very well magazine Maps and comparisons.

Efficiency and effectiveness in the urban public transport sector: A critical review with directions for future research. European Journal of Operational Research, 248(1), 1-20. Output distributions and topic maps of safety related journals. Safety Science, 82, 236-244. Research literature production on nursing competences from 1981 till 2012: A bibliometric snapshot. Nurse Education Today, 35(5), 673-679.

Entrepreneurship research in China: internationalization or contextualization. Visualizing the topical coverage of an institutional repository using VOSviewer. Asian Journal of Library very well magazine Information Science, 7(3-4), 58-68. Data, people and technologies in participatory governance. Development of a journal recommendation tool based upon co-citation analysis of journals cited in Wageningen UR research articles.

Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Libraries, 4(2), 233-257. A comparative study on institutional collaboration characteristics in Very well magazine and LIS in China. Chinese Journal of Polysexual and Information Science, 8(4), 62-77. Are top-cited papers more interdisciplinary.

Study on the scientific production in strategic management of the 1980-2014 period.



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